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Jackson Deutch, a senior, is a part of numerous communities from student council to basketball and tennis to debate. His interest in this subject stemmed from research he completed in Berlin over the summer with peer Noah Babel as a part of the HAND Grant.

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Maya Jones is currently a senior at Menlo, who enjoys spending time with her pets, especially her two cockatiels. Maya loves science, and my favorite subjects have been anatomy and biology, She also helps teach kids science in the summertime. In her free time, Maya likes baking, going on walks with her dog, and spending time with her friends. 


Douglas Kiang has taught computer science at the high school level for 16 years. He was a research fellow at MIT, looking at ways to mitigate the effects of unconscious bias on girls and minorities in the computer science classroom. He is a dad, food truck aficionado, friend to dogs, and reformed skydiver. In his free time, he loves reading books and exploring all forms of digital media.


Eric Yun is a senior at Menlo School. He is a member of the golf team and the Young Men’s Service League. He reflects on how understanding the natural world and ancient & contemporary societies can help us create a better future. He has delivered performances on this subject at Burning Man twice.





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